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Our program is based on our walking bulls and wanting to produce cattle that will work under our conditions and environment.

About Us:

Basics of the beef business is our goal in the livestock industry. Our program is based on our herd bulls walking the pastures. Our ultimate aim is to produce look-a-likes that work under our conditions and environment.

Although through the past several years we have been very successful in the show ring with our herd sires, Continental and Lawman, our intent is not to raise cattle for the show ring. If they win it is a bonus and, in many cases, they have been shown by their new owners. Rancher bulls that create return customers is our main aim.

Our cow herd consisting of 175 purebred cows are run on dry land and native pasture with a ninety day breeding period. The farm is a mixed operation with cereal grain, oilseeds and pulse crops. We do not have time during the seeding and harvesting periods to pamper our calves, therefore only the fittest become replacements.

Sale day is every day at GHC, so don’t be afraid to drop by. To maintain cow herd strength and expand strong cow families, we have chosen to have a sale every second or third year. In this manner we can maintain our genetic strength and yet offer some of the finest we can produce.

GHC is a family operation run as a team effort. Feel free to call any of us or stop by. We would be proud to show you what we have accomplished.


The source for herd sires and bulls with a different genetic makeup that are selected for their maternal, calving ease and performance traits.


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These embryos are out of stout, easy-doing and highly fertile females. With the genetics to back them up they will lead your program forwards in years to come.